bananas foster french toast

Bananas Foster French Toast

So, I used to be a french toast snob.

Let me explain…

I have never been a person who orders a stack of pancakes or french toast for breakfast and that’s it (it’s just all so sweet and leaves me wanting that runny egg thing we have talked about before). Instead, I was that annoying customer who ordered my over easy eggs with a side of bacon, wheat toast, onions in my home fries OH and can I have just 1 piece of french toast with all of that please?!

I would religiously order a piece of french toast wherever I was having brunch/breakfast and I would form my opinion of the whole restaurant based on that single piece of french toast. I’m serious.

There were the places that just dipped the bread in some egg and others that took the extra step to throw in some vanilla or cinnamon (or both!). The places that used the same bread as their toast and the places that had thickly sliced bread dedicated to the french toast. Some places left the bread overly soggy in egg mixture and others that barely coated it and it was like a layers of scrambled eggs with bread in between…okay I’m going to stop there, but I promise I could keep going!

In any case, I have always enjoyed a little french toast action in my breakfast routine. While I’m a forever fan of straight-up, classic, french toast, I thought I’d go crazy this past weekend and make something a little more decadent: bananas foster french toast. It sounded so special that I didn’t even have it as a side like I normally do — it was going to be breakfast.

Bananas Foster French Toast Ingredients

I decided to make it this past weekend because one of my good girlfriends came over to enjoy some breakfast before we made our way over to the Philly marathon to cheer on some friends we had running in the race!

The nice thing about french toast is that it’s a fairly quick operation.

A little complexity was added with my bananas foster syrup — but it was manageable and very well worth the effort.

Bananas Foster French Toast Prep

I didn’t want to just mimic the flavors of bananas foster.

I mean, let’s be honest, I really wanted to flambé something!

So, I started with actual bananas foster for the base of the syrup.. alcohol, fire and all! Then added some maple syrup to bring it back to the fact that this was going over french toast.

It was super fun and super sweet!

Bananas Foster Syrup

The dish turned out amazingly!

The thickly sliced challah bread was perfectly browned in the pan and balanced the flavors of vanilla and cinnamon that paired really nicely with the bananas foster syrup. The fact that I added in the bananas and walnuts at two different points in the cooking process allowed for nice textural differences and the bananas that were added early on infused a great banana flavor to the syrup!

It was definitely a sweet dish — but if you’re into the whole “dessert for breakfast” thing, this dish is for you!

I’ve semi-retired from the french toast snob phase I was going through for a couple of years, but after having this french toast last weekend, I’m thinking I may have to get back into it again…

Have you had any interesting french toast variations?


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