barbecue chicken & shaved brussel sprouts

Something about the weather getting nice always gets me itching to barbecue things. I just love the sweet and tangy flavor of barbecue sauce, especially when it’s used to marinate and grill food like barbecue chicken.

It’s also such a versatile flavor that the sides you can serve with barbecue are endless. I always do my best to serve greens with my meals, and for a while now I have been obsessing over brussel sprouts — so with that in mind, I made barbecue chicken and shaved brussel sprouts for dinner last week.

I think the reason I’ve been obsessing over brussel sprouts is to make up for lost time.

I only started eating them a couple of years ago — we never made them growing up, and I always heard all these horror stories of how horrible they tasted, so never tried it when out to eat.

That all changed when I was out to dinner one night and the person I was with ordered a side of oven roasted brussel sprouts — after trying them I was immediately disappointed I had gone so long in life without having them! Since then, I have found myself roasting brussel sprouts often.

Now, roasted brussel sprouts are delicious and all, but…

  1. They do take some invested time in the oven
  2. Sometimes the centers of the sprouts can still have a tough texture

That is why I recently started making shaved brussel sprouts — with a quick sauté in the pan they are equally delicious and more consistently tender, in a lot less time.

Brussel Sprout Preparation

Barbecue chicken is an easy way to change up your normal chicken routine. With a little time spent marinating, you have a great flavor infused, especially when you couple the barbecue marinade with grilling as a cooking method.

I like to season the chicken with salt, pepper and adobo seasoning.

Adobo seasoning is basically a seasoned salt and usually contains garlic powder, onion powder, salt and oregano (there are other variations though) and it adds a little something extra over the go-to salt and pepper duo.

Chicken Preparation
Chicken Preparation

This dish was super easy to prepare.

It requires very little effort and work, yet produces such a flavorful and satisfying meal. The charred barbecue chicken is really yummy and the brussel sprouts sautéed with the shallots and garlic provide the perfect compliment. Make this for yourself and see!

If you haven’t tried brussel sprouts or have been hesitant in the past, I really encourage you to give them a go — you may find you’ll want to make up for lost time too!

What are your favorite barbecue dishes?

BBQ Chicken and Shaved Brussel Sprouts
BBQ Chicken and Shaved Brussel Sprouts 

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