buffalo chicken pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

From time to time I have insatiable cravings for buffalo-flavored foods. I’ll find myself enjoying some buffalo wings one day, and then in days to follow I want to consume buffalo chicken cheesesteaks, pizza, dip, etc etc! I guess it’s not the worst problem to have… I mean, it is delicious.

And do not give me the “but I don’t like spicy things” mantra. Buffalo ≠ spicy (sometimes).

Mild buffalo sauce is just a flavor more than it is a spice thing. Sure, you can order HOT buffalo foods, but when you order mild, it’s more for enjoying the flavor sans heat.

Now, I can sense the skepticism through the screen, but even my brother who is not a fan of spicy foods learned this not too long ago. I insisted he have some buffalo wings one day and he really enjoyed them!

Alright, I’ve made my case — you’re either going to continue on this buffalo chicken pizza journey with me, or you’re not…

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Ingredients

I really enjoy making pizza at home. It is really fun to work with the pizza dough (and although I’m not master at making it perfectly round, it’s okay)!

Most of the time with buffalo chicken pizza you don’t have a tomato sauce base because there is enough sauciness going on with the buffalo sauce, but just so the tomato didn’t feel excluded, I added some freshly chopped tomatoes.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Preparation

If you enjoy bleu cheese or ranch with your buffalo-flavored foods, then you may feel inclined to drizzle some on the pizza after it’s baked in the oven — by all means! Had I had some on hand I probably would have done this myself, but alas, I did not.

Anyway, this pizza turned out really yummy regardless. I find it’s hard to go wrong with foods that entail some sort of carb and cheese combination (throw in the buffalo sauce factor and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be delicious).

Hope you get to try this pizza for yourself — have a great weekend!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

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