butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Squash, squash, squash. For most of my life, I’ve looked at squash as fun, festive decorations for the Fall.

Eat them? Like the actual decoration… I can eat them? Alright, well, outside of pumpkin that comes pureed in a can, that’s just a newer discovery I have made in life.

Better late than never!

Anyway, so yes, squash is as edible as the next vegetable (and yes, don’t fret, I actually always knew they were edible, I just never messed with them!) There are a lot of different varieties, but the newest one I’ve been really enjoying is butternut squash.

It’s slightly sweet, mild, yet distinct flavor can be used in many dishes, but my newest favorite has to be butternut squash soup.

Butternut Squash Soup Ingredients

Outside of prepping the squash (peeling, cutting open, seeding, chopping) this soup is as easy a recipe as they come!

My “secret” ingredient for this soup is an apple. (If I’m being completely honest, I had picked up a few apples at the grocery store when I was shopping for the soup ingredients, so when I got home I decided I’d throw one into the soup for a little added sweetness — it worked wonderfully, so now I get to dub it my secret ingredient — YEP!)

Butternut Squash Soup Prep

Since this soup is lacking a bit in the texture department, I thought I’d save the seeds and roast them in the oven with some chili powder and cinnamon to top the soup with before serving. They’re really delicious on their own for a snack, but were even better as a topping for the soup!

Butternut Squash Seeds

The soup was absolutely delicious! Along with the seeds, I topped it with some sour cream to cut a bit of the sweetness and served it with some crusty, toasted bread.

This recipe makes about 8 cups of soup, which is a lot for me to power through in one week; so, I froze some to have on hand in the future and jarred the rest for my girlfriend and her fiancé to enjoy!

If you don’t get down with butternut squash, try subbing in another squash you do like (e.g. acorn or pumpkin). And hey, if you just don’t like to eat squash, that whole squash-as-decoration concept isn’t going anywhere…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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