cantaloupe soup & crisped prosciutto

Cantaloupe Soup

My social media newsfeeds the last 24 hours have more or less consisted of people “peacing out” Summer 2015 — but, um… what about the next two weeks?!?

Every year I feel bad for these lowly couple of weeks following Labor Day that are still technically Summer, but get forgotten/dismissed and over-layed with discussion of pumpkin spice everything.

I mean — it was 92 degrees here in Philly today!! Just because your pool is closed and kids are back in school does not have to signify the end!!!

It ain’t over till it’s over, and that’s why today I bring to you: cantaloupe soup & crisped prosciutto!

Cantaloupe Soup Ingredients


If you’ve ever enjoyed melon wrapped in prosciutto, then you will definitely love this soup!

Plus, it takes less than 15 minutes to make. Woot.
Cantaloupe Soup Prep

The cucumber, apple and lemon help with both the texture and balancing of flavor. If this soup were to be straight cantaloupe then it would likely have been a little bit sweet and played more like a drink than a savory soup.

When deciding how I wanted to serve the finished product, I was all sorts of indecisive. So, I figured I would share each of my ideas with you, rather than trying to hone in on one.

That said, if I had to pick one, I probably would have gone with the soup served as a shooter. 1. Because they’re super cool looking/fun to eat and 2. Because serving someone a bowl of cantaloupe soup may be a bit overwhelming (depending on whether or not you’re serving it with something else).

My other options were:

  1. Going straight soup-to-bowl. Pretty standard. Pretty Safe.
  2. Leveraging the hollowed cantaloupe rind as the bowl!! Kinda fun. Kinda Messy.

Regardless of how you decide to serve/eat it though, this is definitely a must try!

What better way to give a nod to both Summer AND Fall than to use an ingredient of Summer in a Fall dish?! Keep the dream alive and try this soup in the next week or two…because it’s not Fall until September 23rd.

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