chicken & mushroom fettuccine alfredo

Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

For this post, I made chicken & mushroom fettuccine alfredo. I have no relevant story/experience to couple with the dish other than: I was really craving fettuccine alfredo, so I made it for dinner.

It’s cheesy, rich and delicious and completely not good for you in any way, shape or form. I could try and argue the chicken breast is low in fat and high in protein or the earthy mushrooms add a great meatiness to the dish or that fresh garlic is really great for you; however, the stick of butter, cup of heavy cream and healthy amount of grated parmesan cheese overshadows any potential argument I could make. So, let’s cut the fluff and make a really unhealthy, but uber delcious meal that everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying from time to time!Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo Ingredients

Normally, I would just add some chicken to the fettuccine, but there is a great selection of wild mushrooms in the stores lately, so I splurged and added some shiitake mushrooms!Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo Prep

One thing I will say about the addition of the chicken and mushrooms is that a smaller portion of the dish will fill you up more than it would if it was just straight up fettuccine alfredo…

Anyway, the end product cured my craving perfectly!

The cream and butter mixture is fairly rich, but the salty parmesan cheese adds a great punch of flavor to the melty, cheesy sauce. Also, the addition of fresh parsely creates freshness that cuts a good amount of the richness from the dish.

This recipe made enough to last Mirza and me a week — it’s not something we were eating every day, but we got a few good meals out of it. Anything that lasts for a few good meals is worth the cooking effort to me. If you’re going to feel guilty about eating it more than once, it’s also a great dish to make for company.

What ingredients do you like to add to your fettuccine alfredo? Blackened tuna? Shrimp? Steak?

Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

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