chipotle salmon sliders

People often ask me what’s my signature dish, or my go-to recipe, or my favorite thing to cook. Well, I don’t normally have a good answer to these questions because I rarely make the same thing twice (at least within a reasonable amount of time to be considered “often” anyway).

That being said, there are a couple of things that I do make more regularly (aka – a couple times a year) and these chipotle salmon sliders are one of them. I came across the recipe in Cooking Light magazine about 5 years ago and have been enjoying them ever since!

Salmon is probably my favorite fish to make/ eat, so I was eager to try this recipe when I came across it.

For making salmon as often as I do, I have to admit I don’t change the preparation very often (i.e. sautéed in a pan with a squeeze of lemon). So these chipotle-fied salmon burgers were a welcomed change for a new and exciting way to enjoy the fish!

Another reason I love making these salmon patties more frequently than other dishes is that they’re great to make ahead and freeze for a future meal. They hold up extremely well and are equally delicious whether enjoyed the day they’re made or thawed and cooked a month later.

Salmon sliders preparation
Salmon sliders preparation

The original recipe has mango in the mayonnaise, but making these usually happens on a whim for me and I rarely find myself a ripe mango ready to eat the day I buy it. So, if you’re actually planning ahead to make these, then maybe add the mango — but if not, using only the pineapple (and a little more of it to make up for the missing mango) is just as tasty!


I will admit that usually when I make this recipe I make them as the original recipe suggests (burger sized patties) rather than sliders, but I thought changing it up would be fun and they look super cute (and yes, I just referred to food as cute — and I meant it — just look at those little guys!)

If you’re not a big seafood eater, or think salmon is “too fishy” in flavor, this is a preparation I really encourage you to try… Between the salmon patties being mixed with green onion, cilantro, and chile in adobo and the pineapple mayo — you’ll find the salmon flavor more mild than when you’re just eating a straight-up filet.

Making these sliders are a great option if you’re throwing a party or want a new and exciting appetizer; or, you can do what I did and just eat a whole bunch of them and make it a meal!

I had 4 and was plenty full, I didn’t even have a side with them. With the salmon being spiced by the chipotle and balanced with the sweet pineapple mayo and bright, fresh cilantro all on a soft bun — it’s just a killer combo that I hope you’ll try!

You can find my recipe here, or go to the original version from Cooking Light here. Enjoy!

Chipotle Salmon Sliders
Chipotle Salmon Sliders

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