chocolate, basil, brie panini

Chocolate, basil, brie panini

I know what you’re thinking…

  1. Where have you been?!
  2. This panini sounds scary and semi-gross.

Well, it pains me how little I’ve been able to keep up with Live. Laugh. Cook. these days. I’ve been a busy bee in my new job, been getting ready for a move, my dad is in town visiting from Mexico, and have had/have a couple vacations lined up…so…it’s been hard to find the pockets of time I need to do a post well. I’m hoping to get back into a more regular groove again, but thanks for bearing with me in the meantime : )

Now — about this panini. About six years ago I was watching the Food Network with one of my college roommates, Celeste,  when we saw Giada De Laurentiis make a panini with chocolate and brie (and basil). We were oddly intrigued and off put at the same time. I mean chocolate and basil and cheese??? Huh?

Welp, we were intrigued enough to run to the store to get the ingredients and try it out and ended up pleasantly surprised with how tasty it was! I can’t say that I’ve made it again since college, until recently when I had a random craving for it.

Panini Ingredients

This is a quick and easy recipe that doesn’t require too many ingredients or too much effort, so I recommend trying this panini out if it has peaked your interest in the slightest, I promise it’s delicious!

Chocolate, basil, brie panini prep

  1. Place two slices of sourdough bread down on a clean surface
  2. Spread goat’s milk brie cheese on one slice of the bread
  3. Evenly top the cheese with chopped basil and mini chocolate chips
  4. Place panini on a buttered panini press and top with a whole basil leaf
  5. Press the panini for about 10 minutes until cheese and chocolate has melted and bread is golden brown
  6. Slice and serve

The panini was just as tasty as I had remembered it! The sweet chocolate chips paired with the salty brie cheese do really well together, that along with the fresh basil and buttery, grilled bread create a seriously delicious combination.

This chocolate, basil, brie panini makes a great little appetizer, a light lunch sandwich, or a perfect dessert course. I know you’re still not fully on board here, but I am not quite sure you will believe me until you have finally tried this recipe.

Until next time (which hopefully isn’t forever away — ahhhh!! sorry!!)


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