craved creation: basilic


When it comes to going out for dinner and drinks I can be fairly predictable with my drink order:

  • Greasy comfort food = beer
  • All other food = red wine
  • Drinks only, no food = vodka soda or dirty vodka martini

Every once in a while though, as I skim the lengthy list of signature cocktails at different restaurants, something interesting will catch my eye that I must try.

A couple of years ago when dining at Parc for brunch, their basilic drink had fun ingredients that made it sound like a must try:

Basilic Ingredients

The drink is extremely refreshing and bright and I absolutely love it!

With the simple ingredient list, I knew I would be making it on a regular basis. Now, it’s not exactly something you can easily order when you’re out at another restaurant, but trust me it is easy enough to get everything and make it at home.

I have made it several times over the past couple of years and it continues to be a great go-to drink.

With Parc out of reach for some, you can try my attempt at replicating this delicious libation yourself.



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