craved creation: chickpea popcorn

Chickpea Popcorn

Every once in a while I like to venture to speakeasy bars for a little twist from the normal bar-scene.

If you’ve never been to a speakeasy bar, they’re pretty fun to experience — there’s usually an inconspicuous entryway, no windows, candle light, drink/food lists disguised in old novels and books…it’s definitely a change of pace from your every day bar.

When I was in school at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, we had a really amazing speakeasy bar — The Bookstore.

The entrance to the bar is a couple steps down from the main street and when you enter you find yourself in a makeshift “bookstore” where a “clerk” sits. The “clerk” then lets you in behind a curtain in the corner of the room into a wood-clad, candle lit room with virtually no windows.

When I visit there, the drinks are always fun to experiment with and try (my go-to is the Modern Champagne Cocktail), but the food there is just as special as the unique drink selection. One of the favorites from their snack menu is the chickpea popcorn with herb salt. So crispy, salty and delicious!

Now that I live in Philadelphia, and The Bookstore is a little more out of reach, I decided to make some chickpea popcorn at home.

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There’s minimal effort required to make this delicious snack food — all you really need is a little bit of time to let them get perfectly crisped in the oven!

The chickpea popcorn would be great topped with some cayenne pepper for a kick, or some lemon zest for a punch of brightness — but, even with just plain salt they’re really delicious.

They’re great to serve as an appetizer for guests or just to make and have on hand for a snack any time!

I miss venturing out to The Bookstore, but this chickpea popcorn certainly helps make me feel better : )

Chickpea Popcorn

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  1. Katie Belli
    August 28, 2013 at 10:34 pm (5 years ago)

    Looks great! Bring some to work Friday!


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