craved creation: pretzel bread

Pretzel Bread

One afternoon on a lazy, sunny summer day, Mirza and I walked around the city looking for somewhere to have lunch. A few blocks into our walk, we decided to eat at Smith & Wollensky. I had never been there before, but their menu sounded delicious and I was excited to try something new!

Given the lovely weather, we decided to sit outside with the buzz of the city and the warmth of the sun. We were both pretty hungry, so we quickly placed our orders and sat patiently chatting and people watching waiting for a morsel of food to show up at the table. Then it happened

(long dramatic pause)

Our server brought us a warm basket of pretzel bread and mustard butter.

Maybe you’re sitting there wondering what the big deal is — well if so, you obviously have not had them!!

Now, living all my life within a relative vicinity of Philadelphia, the pretzel is no stranger to my diet. But this warm, doughy pretzel bread accompanied with a whole grain mustard butter, this was something different. Something worth writing (home) about…

Well, it’s months later and I’ve finally done it! I was a little intimidated at first — I’d never made a pretzel before, let alone pretzel bread, but I found this great recipe and whipped up some honey mustard butter that seemed pretty straight forward and was well on my way to salty, buttery heaven!



So, it was a bit of a process — but I was surprised that despite the number of steps, it was not as difficult to make as I initially thought it would be.

When the pretzel bread came out of the oven, I immediately slathered the honey mustard butter on the warm roll… 5 minutes later, I had eaten 2 rolls before realizing I still needed to take pictures* of the finished product. Sigh.

They tasted so similar to the pretzel bread we had at Smith & Wollensky; I was beyond ecstatic over the end result! I will definitely use this recipe again and again!

*Since I left the memory card for my camera at Mirza’s, I was left using my iPhone for this post’s pictures — womp womp — hope you find them alright!


Pretzel Bread Bite

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