craved creation: wild mushroom salad

Craved Creation: Wild Mushroom Salad

Almost every Friday night I work at Spring Mill Cafe, an amazing French BYO restaurant. It’s set in an old general store that gives the restaurant a very rustic and charming feel. As for the food, the menu changes 4 times a year, with the seasons, and never disappoints — it’s seriously delicious.

One of my favorite things that was on the menu for a long time was the wild mushroom salad. I know it doesn’t sound (errrr…read?) like much, but you’ll just have to trust me that it’s better than words can describe.

I have made this salad numerous times at home and have tweaked it along the way to end up with a close replica.

Wild Mushroom Salad Ingredients

The thing I probably had to tweak the most was the mustard vinaigrette that dresses the salad. There’s a good amount of mustard in the dressing, but it’s whole grain mustard (as opposed to the vinaigrette go-to: dijon mustard) so it’s not as potent and balances nicely with the right amount of lemon juice and olive oil.

Since the wild mushroom salad is not on the current Fall menu (the new spinach & squash salad is worth a visit), you can try my recipe for a taste!

Wild Mushroom Salad

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