cuban sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

I have been meaning to make a Cuban sandwich for quite some time now, as it is one of my favorites! It’s one of those things that when I see it on a menu, I have no choice but to order it. That said, there are many variations I have come across — like using different meats, different breads, no mustard… — so, unless I’m dining at an authentic Cuban restaurant, the results can often times be disappointing.

With skepticism that I’d be able to find a satisfying version of the sandwich, I decided to once and for all make it at home! I figured I may as well make it myself and leave nothing to chance (I even went all out and ordered Cuban bread online from Miami — it was surprisingly difficult to come by here in Philly)!

Cuban Bread

As soon as I opened the bread delivery I was reminded that there really is no substitute for authentic Cuban bread. I thought I would get the order and realize it’s just like a loaf of French bread and not worth the wait — but I was wrong! It’s a simple bread, but a unique one, so definitely worth getting at least one time you decide to make this sandwich.

Cuban Sandwich Ingredients

Bread shenanigans aside, I found a great pork tenderloin that was already prepped in a mojo marinade (which is made up of garlic, oil and citrus), so all I had to do was roast and slice and I was ready to assemble the sandwich!

Cuban Sandwich

  1. Slice bread open
  2. Smear butter on both halves
  3. Add mustard on both halves over the butter
  4. Layer 4 pickle slices on bottom half
  5. Add pork
  6. Add ham
  7. Add swiss cheese
  8. Close sandwich and heat on a panini press

It. was… I know there’s a word that can describe it… um… Delicious? Amazing? Perfect? I dunno pick your fave, it will work here!

The different textures of the pork and the ham smothered in the melty swiss cheese was rich and delicious. Those flavors cut with the acidic dill pickle and yellow mustard were just perfect. The butter made the bread so crispy and amazing. *Swoon*

I am only sad that this sandwich is now a memory of a week past. It was great to have an authentic tasting sandwich. Luckily for me, the Cuban bread I ordered came with 3 loaves, so I still have one sitting in the freezer just waiting for my next Cuban sandwich craving!



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