duck breast sandwich

Duck Breast Sandwich

Duck is one of those intimidating and elegant meats that one does not venture to cook on their own too often. In fact, I had never made duck before. It’s just something I had always enjoyed out to eat; like during my recent trip to London where I enjoyed duck on two different occasions:

  • Duck & Waffle – crispy duck confit on a waffle served with fried duck egg and a mustard maple syrup
  • Duck Confit Sandwich – duck confit on a roll with mustard and arugula

I can’t describe how inspiringly delicious those duck dishes were…so instead, I took the inspiration and made duck breast sandwiches. I was worried about cooking duck on my own (as I said, intimidating…) BUT I thought I’d go for the challenge!

Duck Breast Sandwich Ingredients

Crispy Shallots

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Ok, so someone is obviously trying to make duck seem more complicated to cook than it actually is…

I’m not even kidding. I bought the duck breasts frozen (turns out it’s not too common at the butcher counter unless it’s around the holidays) and followed the directions on the box — which, more or less, are the instructions of cooking chicken breast with the skin. (Duck has a higher fat content, so the skin gets that oh-so-good crispy. The only balancing act you face here is cooking it at the right temperature, at the right pace.)

Anyway, I’ve determined that you, at home, are capable of cooking duck breast. So, have no fear and let’s go make yummy sandwiches!

Duck Breast Sandwich Prep

  1. Slice hoagie roll
  2. Toast roll in pan with butter
  3. Spread 1 ounce of goat cheese on one half of roll and 1 ounce of sour cherry spread on other half
  4. Lay some arugula on bottom of roll
  5. Add sliced duck breast and crispy shallots

First, let me say, I was going to make the cherry spread from scratch; but, there was a lack of fresh cherries in the produce section and as I walked through the cheese section of the store I came across this sour cherry spread that was perfect. So, I saved some time and experimenting and ran with it!

Back to the sandwich — IT WAS DELICIOUS

The tang of the goat cheese, sweetness of the sour cherries, pepperiness of the arugula, richness of the duck breast, and saltiness of the crispy skin and shallots all perfectly tucked in a buttery, toasted roll. UGH. Come back to me!

Now here is where I say — If you haven’t really tried duck before, you must. Don’t make that face. It doesn’t taste weird or gamey or anything like that. It just tastes like one of the best things ever.

Okay, so, in the end I was happy I decided to give cooking duck a whirl. It was easier than I was anticipating and now I look forward to making more duck dishes in the future!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you have to try this stunning sandwich!

Duck Breast Sandwich

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