fruit & yogurt smoothie

I go in and out of having a smoothie routine for myself — there are times where I will make one every morning for breakfast, and other times I will only make one once in a while to appease a craving.

I have been out of said routine for a couple months now, but with the spring produce looking so great at the grocery store, the urge to make one came over me. This fruit and yogurt smoothie is what resulted…

I use a combination of fresh and frozen fruits in my smoothies — the frozen fruits takes on the role of what ice normally would in providing texture; but also, if you are making this during a time of year when the fresh fruits maybe aren’t looking as appealing, frozen is always a great option.

As for yogurt, you can use greek or regular. I just used regular vanilla yogurt. The vanilla flavor adds sweetness that balances what would otherwise just be plain and more tart flavored yogurt. (If you don’t have yogurt on hand, or are lactose intolerant, you can always use any type of milk instead (i.e. regular, almond or soy))

So, I got a little experimental for this post and decided to make a video of the smoothie preparation. Hopefully I can incorporate them into more posts — although I’ll have to figure out how to make the quality a little better… Nonetheless — here goes:

Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie[/caption]