My dad is in the States visiting from Mexico until early October. He’s been here for a couple of weeks now and so the time has come for me to start asking him for some recipes!

One thing I have been craving for quite some time that my dad used to make when we were growing up is horchata. I knew it was made with rice, cinnamon, milk and sugar; but wasn’t exactly sure about the proportions… enter dad’s direction!

Horchata Ingredients

The process itself is pretty straightforward; however, there is some time required as you have to let the rice steep in the water for a bit.

If you’ve ever made almond milk from scratch, it is the same idea, but with rice. The longer you let the rice sit, the more the water gets milky in texture and stronger in flavor — so don’t skimp on this step!

One ingredient that my dad decided to tell me to add after I had started making everything was vanilla extract, so I added a little bit.

Horchata Preparation

  1. Add 3 cups of water to a blender
  2. Pour ¾ cup of white long grain rice
  3. Pulse the rice in water a few times to break up the rice
  4. Let rice sit in water for at least an hour and a half (up to over night)
  5. Add milk
  6. Add vanilla
  7. Add cinnamon and chill until ready to serve

I didn’t strain the rice from the water because my dad said that doing so was just the “commercial way” of making it and it’s fine to leave the rice in for some texture.

Overall, the drink had tasted just as I remembered it… Creamy with the warmth of the cinnamon and the sweetness of the vanilla — it’s like a dessert in drink form (the flavor is actually fairly similar to that of rice pudding)!

It also got my dad’s stamp of approval, so I’m happy to share the recipe for this delicious horchata!


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