lamb meatballs with tomato corn feta salsa

Lamb Meatballs

Every once in a while before a social event my friends will voluntell me to have drinks and horderves at my apartment beforehand.  I usually graciously accept and then proceed to obsess about what goodies I want to serve!

At one of these said get togethers, I made some lamb burger sliders.

It was something I had never made before, so I was really proud of myself when I pieced together such a yummy dish! I used spices outside of my comfort zone to spice the mini burgers (i.e. cinnamon, turmeric) folded in some feta cheese, and topped the sliders with an amazing red pepper and sun-dried tomato pesto. Delectable!

Recently, I wanted to recreate the sliders, but then hesitated since I had not too long ago made chipotle salmon sliders. Instead, I decided to ditch the slider buns and add a bright and summery salsa to make lamb meatballs with tomato corn feta salsa.

Lamb Meatball Ingredients

I got the idea to make a salsa for these lamb meatballs on a whim when I was in the grocery store.

Corn is amazing and abundant during the summer season and so thought some corn off the cob mixed with diced tomato, salty feta cheese, and a squeeze of lemon would compliment the dish well. Plus, my boyfriend, Mirza, was skeptical of the idea of corn and lamb together on the same plate, so I obviously had to prove him wrong!

Tomato Corn Feta Salsa
Tomato Corn Feta Salsa Preparation

The meatballs are similar to the sliders I made for my friends a while back, except I added an egg to bind the meatballs. It is really important not to overwork the ground lamb when you are combining everything or you will end up with not so tender meatballs.

Also, in lieu of tomato sauce that you may be used to getting with Italian-style meatballs, I added a base of red pepper pesto to the dish to mimic the sliders and compliment the chunky fresh salsa I had to top the lamb meatballs.

Lamb Meatball Spices

Lamb Meatball Preparation
Lamb Meatball Preparation

The meatballs were rich and delicious!  I was really happy with them, not only because they were yummy, but also because I proved Mirza wrong about the corn pairing well with the lamb : )

I would definitely make these meatballs as horderves for a future get together with some friends! You could easily serve as is with toothpicks for tasty little bites, or serve with rolls to make sandwiches. Either way, I am sure you won’t have any left come the end of the evening.

Give these a whirl at your next dinner party or get together! They are also great if you’re looking just to make a light meal.

Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Corn Feta Salsa
Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Corn Feta Salsa



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