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Chicken Schnitzel

This past weekend, I came back from a 2-week trip to the United Kingdom (London) and Germany (Dusseldorf).

It was my very first time ever going to Europe and the experience was everything I had hoped it would be and more! The sites were beautiful and we got extremely lucky with gorgeous weather for almost the entire trip.

Being the foodie that I am, trying all the different types of food/drink were just as exciting to me as taking tours of the local sites and landmarks. I loved trying some of the traditional dishes:

  • London — Full English Breakfast, Scones with Clotted Cream & Jam and Meat Pies
  • Dusseldorf — Chicken Schnitzel, Sausages (many different varieties), Lots of Beer


One of my favorite stops in London was to the Borough Market, which is an amazing outdoor farmers market filled with food stands, produce stands and specialty shops.

While there, I had some amazing things like a duck confit sandwich, toasted cheese sandwich (yes, I had 2 sandwiches within 30 minutes of each other), mulled hot cider, white sangria infused with strawberry & mint, and chili hot chocolate.

It was all to die for!

Europe Cont'd

Germany was equally delicious, but I didn’t get to try as much food as in London.  We spent 5 of the 14 days in Germany, so there just wasn’t as much time. That being said, we had a delicious chicken schnitezel dish (see below for recipe!), lots of tasty sausages, beer and doner.

I should also note that the amount of french fries with mayo that I had on this trip was insane. French fries are my weakness, but by the end of the trip even I was french fried out…that’s saying a lot!

Overall, the experience was amazing and inspiring!

Have you been to Europe before? What foods did you enjoy while abroad?

As I just mentioned, Mirza and I had an amazing chicken schnitzel dish our first night in Germany. It came with an amazing lemon-mushroom sauce that was the perfect compliment to the chicken.

A couple days after being home I decided to try and recreate it myself while it was fairly fresh in my mind:

Chicken Schnitzel Prep

One of the interesting things when we got the dish in Germany was the sauce was served under the chicken, as opposed to poured over the chicken. It threw me at first, but then made complete sense once I plated my first go of this dish and found the chicken to be soggy within a couple of minutes!

Luckily I was making dinner for 2, so I got to plate the other chicken the right way: sauce on the bottom! Leaving the chicken crispy and perfect : )

Not gonna lie — I was impressed with how well this turned out!

It was absolutely delicious and brought us right back to our first night in Germany. The chicken was really crispy, but super moist…just perfectly cooked; the sauce was rich from the butter and tangy from the lemon…it was the perfect sauce for this chicken schnitzel.

If you want a taste of Germany, you have to try this dish!

Chicken Schnitzel

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  1. Adriana Brizuela
    October 11, 2013 at 3:21 pm (5 years ago)

    I’ve had a couple people ask me if I served any sides with this dish. In Germany, they served it with fried potatoes, but for a healthier alternative I made it with roasted Brussels sprouts! (Olive oil, salt & pepper in 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes).


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