live & laugh: john’s beer dinner

Beer Chicken & Broccoli

Earlier last month we met again for our monthly cooking class and this go around was John’s turn.  He wanted to take on a bit of a theme for his night and made the delicious choice of: BEER!

We made a honey chili beer chicken and roasted broccoli with beer cheese sauce. Everyone chipped in and dinner came together fairly quickly — the results could have fooled me though, because this meal was yumtastic and tasted like the flavors had a while to come together.

Beer Chicken Prep

Maybe John cheated by using two favorable ingredients — ummm — cheese and beer — I’d eat that anytime and be a happy camper. (P.S. whenever I use the phrase “happy camper” I think of this hilarious Jim Gaffigan skit…)

Okay now that that’s out of the way, I think John had a great idea to make a beer-themed dinner and it was a huge success. The honey chili chicken was sticky and delicious and the roasted broccoli was perfectly roasted which gave it a great crunch; drenched in the rich beer cheese sauce that would be great paired with a million other foods (e.g. pretzels, bread, hot dogs, cardboard, etc.) made it extra special. Both dishes are a must try!

Great picks John and yummy execution!!

John's Beer Dinner

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