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Mole Enchiladas

A couple of nights ago we had our December cooking class!! If you don’t recall, this is the second phase of cooking class I’m teaching for my friends. Because this is “round 2” (and they now all know a thing or two), I assigned each of my friends a class to teach — I took the first class in November and did a Friendsgiving Dinner.

Jose was the first brave soul to teach class on his own and he did an amazing job! They are  not allowed to choose anything they are familiar with or cook often, so he found this great recipe for Mole Enchiladas and we were well on our way to a delicious Mexican-inspired dinner!

Mole Enchiladas

Turns out mole sauce takes quite a bit of time to make that, by the end, we forgot to puree the sauce and made a short-cut here and there, but regardless, it was….delicious!! It had an amazingly warm kick that was subdued well by the cool sour cream. I was really impressed with how the flavors came together (who knew a sauce that combined random things like burnt bread, a banana, dark chocolate, peanuts, and a hodge-podge of other ingredients could turn out to be something so delicious!?)

We served it with a side of yellow rice and black beans and, by the end, I would say everyone was stuffed and happy. Jose did a great job and I can’t wait for our next class in January!

If you want to test your mole-making-skills here’s the recipe* again. Have a great weekend!!

*NOTE: The recipe calls for chihualces chiles, turns out those little buggers are pretty hard to come by, so a great substitute is the guajillo chile.

Jose Mole

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