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Hot Dogs 3 Ways

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, and with some impending weather that actually resembles the appropriate time of year, I think we are all looking forward to grilling some delicious eats!

Now, while I love a traditional cheeseburger or hot dog, I wanted to have some fun with different ingredients and bring you some variety for something new! Focusing in on grilled hot dogs, I came up with these three varieties:

  • Bacon Hawaiian
  • Banh Mi Style
  • Cheddar BBQ Crunch

I was extremely satisfied with all three combinations; so, if you’re looking to impress family and friends (or just try some new flavors), I highly recommend any or all of these hot dog creations!

Bacon Hawaiian Hot Dog

Bacon Hawaiian IngredientsI absolutely love Hawaiian pizza, so when I was thinking of different flavor combinations, the salty and sweet Hawaiian inspired dog seemed like a no-brainer.

The crispy bacon offered great texture, while the swipe of mayo added some good richness. Without a doubt, the pineapple was the star of this dog and I was not disappointed! If you are a fan of Hawaiian pizza, or sweet and savory dishes — this is the hot dog for you!
Hawaiian Style Hot Dog

Banh Mi Hot DogBanh Mi IngredientsAsian inspired cuisine is something I am craving on a regular basis. Recently, I made a Korean-style shredded beef and pickled my own vegetables (cucumber, onion and carrot) and had a lot of the veggies leftover in my fridge. Since the work was already done, a banh mi style dog felt like another natural choice.

I love how fresh this hot dog tasted! The sriracha mayo and drizzle definitely provide a little bit of a kick, but that was balanced nicely with the acidic pickle and fresh cilantro. Choose this style if you love Asian flavors or are looking for a bright and fresh flavor combination.Banh Mi Hot Dog

Cheddar BBQ Crunch Hot DogCheddar BBQ IngredientsFor the final hot dog style, I wanted to go a more traditional ‘bbq’ inspired flavor combination, but with a twist. While the shredded cheddar and bbq sauce, maybe even the dill pickle, are not all too surprising; the crushed bbq chips topping the dog were my favorite addition.

This hot dog was probably my favorite of the three, but it was definitely a tough decision. It had the best balance of flavors and textures. With the crunch from the pickles and chips, the gooey, melty cheese, and the smokey bbq flavor, it was the hot dog I had to finish. This would be the style for you if you want to go the more traditional route.
Cheddar BBQ Crunch Hot Dog

Overall, I really enjoyed and recommend all three of these style hot dogs and think they would be a great additional to anyone’s Memorial Day Weekend menu!

I’m headed to DC to enjoy the weekend and look forward to all the expected sunshine and spending time by the pool with friends. Have a safe, fun and delicious weekend!

Hot Dogs 3 Ways MDW Hot Dogs

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