live & laugh: mojo’s chicken fried steak

Chicken Fried Steak

With only a couple of classes left, it was recently Morgan’s turn to take over cooking school and make a delicious meal for the rest of the class!

Morgan (or as some of us lovingly like to call her, Mojo) took a little while to decide on what exactly she wanted to make. Every time I would talk to her about it, the only thing she consistently knew was that she wanted it to involve a lot of butter and she wanted a comforting, not-so-healthy-for-you type of meal. She eventually landed on a southern-inspired dinner that included: this easy chicken fried steak recipe, some random corn casserole recipe that was copied from a newspaper like 20 years ago (I found this similar recipe), and some yummy roasted brussels sprouts with shallots.

Everything was fairly easy to make, the only issue we ran into was the smoke that was created from pan-frying the chicken fried steaks!! So much so, that we got the smoke detectors to go off — nonstop. Eventually Jose came to the rescue, being taller than the rest of us, and was able to hold a fan to clear out all the smoke — whew! So, yea, just be careful if you try to make the chicken fried steaks!

Mojo Cooking School

The meal was absolutely delicious!

Mojo certainly met her goals of making a meal that was pretty much, in no way, healthy and of using a fair amount of butter — that gravy for the chicken fried steak was so rich and tasty! Also, that corn casserole is no joke. It’s similar to a corn bread, but in a much creamier and richer way, everyone loved that component of the dish the most.

Great job Morgan, thanks so much for the southern-inspired dishes!!

Thanks Morgan!

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