potato crusted fish

Potato Crusted Fish

I have always tried to incorporate fish regularly in my diet. Most of the time, that means I buy a filet of salmon and cook or broil it with some lemon and seasoning and call it a day…Not. too. exciting.

A little while back, I thought I’d get crazy and make potato crusted fish! I love crispy potatoes, so what a better way to make fish than to wrap it in salty-golden-potatoey-goodness?! Am I right?!

Welp. The first time I tried doing this (pre-blogging days) it was an epic fail. The potatoes didn’t adhere to the fish — it was essentially impossible to keep them on when I tried to put the filet in the pan. It was just a mess and I was defeated.

Potato Crusted Fish 1 – Adriana 0

I was recently craving it again and thought I would give it another go, but not without a little research first! I ended up taking some tips from this recipe online to see if I could redeem myself:


One thing I wanted to experiment with this time around was the thickness of the potato slices I was “crusting” the fish with; I have a mandolin to get even slices of whatever it is I’m slicing, but there are different settings and I wasn’t quite sure what would work best in this fish preparation. So, I had a “potato-off,” if you will, of thick versus thin sliced potatoes — check it out!potatooff

When all was said and done, both fish turned out much better than my first attempt (air-five!).

The thinner potatoes adhered to the fish a lot better than the thick ones, but they didn’t get as crispy in the pan. I think that may have been a result of having too much fat in the pan though — who knew! — so they were a little soggy. Even so, the fish was still really moist and delicious, so I was still happy with it.

What I incorporated into the final recipe and what I will do in the future is go with the thinly sliced potatoes, but cook them in less fat to ensure the golden crisp that tastes oh-so-yummy! I served it up with some lemony kale that is always a good go-to side for most dishes. Get crazy with your next fish dish and try this potato crusted fish.

Potato Crusted Fish 1 – Adriana 1


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