Potato Crusted Fish

  • (¾) lb mild white fish filet, cut into 2 filets (I used sablefish, but cod, halibut are other alternatives)
  • (1-2) potatoes, cleaned
  • (1) tbsp dijon mustard
  • (1) tbsp butter
  • (1) tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • (2) garlic cloves, smashed
  • salt & pepper
  • (1) lemon

Kale Side Dish

  • (1) bunch kale, cleaned, stems removed, roughly chopped
  • (2) garlic cloves, sliced
  • (1) tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • (½) cup water
  • (1) lemon — can be same lemon from above
  • salt


To make fish:

  1. Slice the potatoe extremely thin using a mandolin (if you have different thickness settings just set it to the thinnest option; if you don’t have a mandolin you can use a vegetable peeler to peel potato slices, it just won’t look as nice as with a mandolin)
  2. Lay a piece of parchment paper and arrange the potato slices overlapping, pressing gently (lay enough to cover one side of the fish which may vary depending on your filets)
  3. Smear dijon mustard over the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and cracked pepper
  4. Lay the fish filet on top of the layered potatoes and smear top with more dijon, salt and pepper
  5. Add another layer of overlapping potatoes on top of the fish filet
  6. Wrap the potato crusted fish filet in the parchment paper tightly, press on all sides to compact and help the potatoes stick to the fish
  7. Refrigerate the fish packet and repeat this process with the other filet of fish (refrigerate both fish filets for at least 20 minutes before cooking)
  8. Add the oil, butter and smashed garlic to a lage nonstick pan over medium-high heat
  9. Make sure pan is hot, then season the outside of the fish with salt and pepper and add to the heated pan
  10. Cook the fish for about 3-4 minutes per side , until potatoes are golden brown and cripsy
  11. Lay cooked fish on a paper towel to drain any excess fat, season with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice

To serve with side of kale:

  1. Before you do step 8 above, heat another large pan over medium-high heat with olive oil and garlic
  2. After garlic is heated (about 30 second – 1 minute) add chopped kale to pan with water
  3. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes
  4. You can begin step 8 above to cook the fish
  5. Once fish are in the pan cooking and the kale has been covered for those 5 minutes, you can uncover and stir
  6. Cook until all the water has evaporated and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of the lemon juice
  7. Keep warm over low heat until fish is ready to be served

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Potato Crusted Fish