Spiked Apple Cider


  • (8) cups apple cider
  • (2) oranges, juiced
  • (1) tsp saigon cinnamon
  • (1) cup whiskey
  • (2) oz cinnamon schnapps (or more to taste)
  • cinnamon sugar (for rim), optional


  1. Combine cider, orange juice and cinnamon in a large pot and place over medium heat
  2. Simmer cider mixture for about 10 minutes until hot
  3. Place cinnamon sugar on a plate
  4. Moisten the rim of a mug/glass with cut orange or water
  5. Flip mug/glass upside down into cinnamon sugar and twist until rim is evenly coated in cinnamon sugar
  6. If drinking cider warm, turn heat to low and add alcohol, mix well and pour into drinking mug/glasses
  7. If drinking cold, remove cider from heat and allow to cool, add alcohol and serve over ice

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Spiked Apple Cider