rolled flank steak

Rolled Flank Steak

Mirza and I have been on a bit of a creamed spinach/kale kick these days. Its richness and warmth is fitting for the nippy weather, and it’s something Mirza, especially, loves.

After enjoying it on a few recent occasions as a side dish, I wanted to change things up a bit and make it so it’d be more than just a side. I decided to take a couple of our other fave ingredients (mushrooms and steak) and make a wonderful stuffed & rolled flank steak.

Rolled Flank Steak Ingredients

The oven does most of the work in this meal — the only big thing to prep is the actual creamed kale & mushroom mixture that stuffs the steak — and that’s pretty easy!

An infused garlic oil and some fresh thyme really add a lovely layer of flavor to the kale/mushroom mixture.

Creamed Kale & Mushroom

Once that’s done, there’s just a lot of roasting action that takes place for about an hour — which gives you plenty of time to clean up and prep for this delicious dish! I used sweet carrots and parsnips, starchy potatoes, and onions for the vegetables (roasted in high heat allows the flavors to intensify making an absolutely amazing side!)


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Rolled Flank Steak Prep

If I’m being honest, I really had no idea how the rolled flank steak was going to turn out since it was stuffed with a more liquidy, than usual, mixture, but I was pleasantly surprised! It kept the meat really moist and tender, so I’d say there was definitely an upside to the amount of liquid from the cream.

This dish is more than perfect for the Winter weather — it’s easy enough for any night of the week and elegant enough to serve at dinner for guests! You’ll have to give this recipe a try and let me know if you enjoy just as much as we did!

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