sage & cider pulled pork

Sage & Cider Pulled Pork

I don’t eat it as often as I used to, but I have always loved a yummy pulled pork dish!

More times than not, that usually means a slowly cooked pork shredded and cooked in a delicious barbecue sauce. While barbecue is more of a “classic” way to enjoy pulled pork, I thought I would change things up a bit and use some more seasonal ingredients to compliment the pork.

As you may recall, apple cider excites me during this time of year, so I thought I’d partner that up with some fresh sage and make this incredible sage & cider pulled pork!

Sage & Cider Pulled Pork Ingredients

I absolutely love cipollini onions. They are actually kind of hard to come by, fresh anyway, so when I do see them in the produce section I always snatch a good amount of them to take home. They are more mild and sweet than your everyday onion and they do really well when you roast them or caramelize them for your dish. Since I saw them on my trip to get the pork and fresh sage, I knew it’d go perfectly with this dish — if you haven’t tried cipollini onions before, now is the time!

Sage & Cider Sauce

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Basmati Rice

I don’t use my slow cooker too often (mainly because I keep it locked away in the closet and the thought of lugging it out all the time is a turn off), but when I do break it out and use it, I am always so happy that I did — it’s a great thing to have when you work all day because you essentially throw in your ingredients in the morning and come home to a great smelling kitchen with dinner practically ready to go — it’s a great thing!

This sage & cider pulled pork was absolutely delicious! I served it up over some white basmati rice that soaked up some of the delicious sage & cider sauce that was poured over the pulled pork. Now, whether or not you use the cipollini onions, I would definitely use some variety of onion in here because it helps cut some of the richness of the pork as you’re eating it.

All that aside, the sage & cider sauce is what makes this dish so special. The zip of the sherry vinegar and dijon mustard complimented by the sweet apple cider and savory, fresh sage — it is amazing.

If you’re looking for a new take on pork (and especially a change up from your classic barbecue pulled pork) this dish is a must try! It couldn’t be easier and the flavor it delivers is perfect for any night of the week or special occasion.

Have a great weekend everyone! : )

Sage & Cider Pulled Pork Sage & Cider Pulled Pork

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