salmon over sautéed asparagus with hollandaise sauce

For a few months now, I have had this casual fixation with eggs benedict.  I find myself ordering it 90% of the time I see it on a breakfast or brunch menu. If I had to guess what it is about eggs benedict that has me so captivated, I would have to say it’s the luscious and rich hollandaise sauce that finds itself on any version of the dish.  Actually, it has become such a “thing” in my life, that I now find myself craving it at home.

With the craving lingering while I was deciding what to make for lunch today, I landed on an eggs benedict-inspired dish, salmon over sautéed asparagus and grilled bread (topped with, of course, a homemade hollandaise sauce!)

To make up for the difficulty of making homemade hollandaise sauce, I made the rest of the dish as straightforward as I possibly could.  Four ingredients and nothing too crazy going on to prepare it.  A quick sauté of the trimmed asparagus and a sear of the salmon fillet, both laid thoughtfully over a perfectly toasty piece of italian bread, all finished with a fresh squeeze of lemon. That was easy!

Sockeye salmon over sautéed asparagus and grilled bread

You could honestly stop here and have a perfectly delicious meal on your plate. However, there’s just something amazing that happens when you drizzle some warm, buttery hollandaise over the top. So, if you are up for it, I highly recommend you try to make it.

I should probably admit now that — I’ve never made hollandaise sauce before working on this post.  However, by following this recipe, I was able to make it successfully(…err kinda). I did run into a little challenge because the sauce ended up breaking when I got a little overzealous. BUT failure was not an option, so with a bit of finagling (adding another egg yolk and some careful whisking) I was able to bring the sauce back to its happy place.

Hollandaise sauce

Yum!  This dish was everything I wanted it to be and more. The crispy bread, tender asparagus, moist salmon and buttery hollandaise kept me smiling, bite after bite.

I’m not sure how long this relationship with eggs benedict will last, but it is nice to know that I am capable of making my favorite component all on my own.

Here’s the recipe! How did an attempt at hollandaise sauce go for you?

Salmon over sautéed asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Salmon over sautéed asparagus with hollandaise sauce


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