s’more bites

S'more Bites

Oh heyyyy — if you’re nestled in the northeast like we are, you likely experienced what feels like the 203943th snow day this Winter. It’s just insane! And this one was the worst one of all…because I woke up this morning to find my car had been towed..

Yea, something about being parked on a snow emergency street…oooops. Guess I forgot to look for the sign when I parked last night — it was late. I dunno. Sigh. Anywho, Mirza and I walked through the slushy streets to find my car about 7 blocks away and now I’m back in transportation action. I cheered myself up with this hot cocoa and toasted marshmallow.

And speaking of toasted marshmallow, here’s that s’more bites recipe I was telling you about a couple days ago which would have been a good cheering-up-treat too!

S'more bites ingredients

I toasted the marshmallow using my new favorite kitchen appliance, this kitchen torch. It’s definitely an optional step to torch the marshmallow (it’d be a delicious treat regardless), but if you want to get as close to a s’more sans fire as you can, you have to try it!

fluffgrahams dipinchocolates setchocs smorebites

These took virtually no time at all to make. I made a batch with dark chocolate and a second batch with milk chocolate — both equally delicious (I ate three immediately and several thereafter, so I can vouch for their deliciousness).

If you enjoy s’mores and are short a fire — or your car got towed and you’re looking for a pick-me-up — here’s the recipe for these yummy s’more bites!

smoresdone3 smorebs2
S'more Bites

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