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Nutella Mocha

I am so happy to start this blog — it’s been a long time coming and to finally sit here writing my first post is so exciting!  Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed cooking (and eating).  Whether it was helping my parents with a meal, using my easy bake oven or just thumbing through cookbooks, food always kept a smile on my face. Not only do I love the process of taking ingredients and turning them into something delicious, but also, I love indulging in the finished product.  All that being said, you should know that food created by others is equally satisfying to me.  In fact, right now I’m in a coffee shop enjoying a yummy nutella mocha latte.

If you love food half as much as I do, I hope you will come back often to read, interact and hopefully, get inspired. Feel free to stop by the about page to learn a little more about Live. Laugh. Cook. (and me)! Otherwise, read on, enjoy and Live. Laugh. Cook. 

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